Monday, October 29, 2007

Gwen Concert Pictures Exposed...

This was by far the best concert I have ever been to, after all these years..I still love Gwen!!! THANK YOU TO MY AMAZING HUSBAND JOHN FOR SURPRISING ME WITH THE TICKETS!!


...:::aNa baNaNa:::... said...

Hi Maria! Wow, I love the pictures!! Gwen is sooooo gorgeous!! Looks like you had great seats!!! How exciting! Thanks for sharing.

Lorena said...

OMG!! Maria looks like you and John had a great time. Your pictures are awesome. How close were you?? They must have been some great seats. Well I am glad you finally got to see your girl in concert.l I guess you and I both got the opportunity to see our girls LIVE!!
I miss you lots Maria!

The Hummel Family said...

WOW! Amazing... just how close were you? Glad you had a great time.

We had a wonderful time craving pumpkins. She's so darn cute and had a blast. Can't wait to score some candy tonight. hee hee.

Happy Halloween