Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Weekend

This weekend was wonderful, just went by a little too fast! On Saturday, John and I went to Disneyland which was soooo much fun...we both have premium passes now so if anyone ever wants to go, let us know! On Sunday, John worked and I had church..but later that day we finalized our guest list (save-the-date cards are going out soon). Making a guest list is so time-consuming and very difficult. You hate having to narrow it down but unfortunately we did have to. Children will no longer be invited =( Sorry guys! Only my little sister and our nieces and newphews will be there.
So, we're looking at about 200-220 people that will be attending our wedding!

Here's our complete wedding party (I know, VERY large haha):

Maria's Side (Bride)

Matron of Honor- Melissa Leatherwood

Bridesmaids: Michelle Bingley, Meaghan Pitts, Jessica Hummel, Alison Juroe, Bridget May, Brie, Brie Ard, Aunt Vicki Kokoskie, Allison Maya

Flower Girls: Jessica Gellman and Amanda May

John's Side (Groom)

Best Man- Josh Juroe

Groomsmen: Sam May, Peter Wilson, Gregory Lehman, Billy Morgan, Benjamin Ryan, Brandon Hummel, John Polce, David Braun, Jonathan Maya.

Ring-Bearers: Jacob May and Issac May

Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm sooooo excited that the weekend has finally come! Tonight John and I are going to Circuit City and running a few errands and probably go see a movie or something. Tomorrow we go to DISNEYLAND, so excited because it's very rare that John gets a weekend day off :) And Sunday, I go to church and hopefully relax some! Oh, and somewhere in between all that....John and I have a lot to do for the wedding..I'll let you all know on Monday what we got accomplished.. haha.
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!! Arrivederci =)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Wedding Day Hair-Style..

Just thought you'd all like to see how my hair is going to be for the wedding! This is the exact color and style. It's a very spanish/Italian look! Since our wedding will have some Italian influence for example our favors and our food and some music, my hair fits right in!

**John don't double-click on this->
it's a picture of my wedding dress...for everyone else double-click to view!

MY WEDDING DRESS------------->>

(I know a lot of you have seen my wedding dress..but if you haven't here is your chance..let me know what you think!)


John and I are going to Disneyland on Saturday...we're both so excited! My mom got us passes for christmas =) We haven't been in almost a year...Disneyland means a lot to John and I, not only because it's the "happiest place on earth"..but more importantly, Disneyland is where John and I had our first official date about 5 years ago! Disneyland is also the location that John asked me to marry him almost 4 years front of Sleeping Beauty's favorite princess! It was sooooo romantic!
CAN'T WAIT!!! heehee. I will try to take pictures =)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time Sure Flies By

Wow, time sure flies! I cannot believe I haven't been on blogger since July! So much has been going on since then....first off, John and I now have all our vendors booked for our wedding:


we're sooooo excited for our upcoming wedding! Sunday, August 19 2007 at St Luke's Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Other than planning our wedding, John still works at Micro Center where he got promoted to the highest position...I am soo proud of him! I am still at the same job also (St Joseph Heritage Medical Group) as the auditor. I also attend Irvine Valley College Mon-Thurs after work. I am getting my AA in Early Childhood development. I love children!!!! =)

I am hoping to be better about updating you all on John and my life more frequently!