Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bridesmaid dress

Ok...this is one of the possibilities for my GIRLS to wear! I just absolutely love this style! I am thrilled with John and my color scheme that we picked for our's so elegant! No matter what my girls wear though...they will look goregous!

haaha oh and by the way..side note...I wanted to say CONGRATS to my guy...heehe (John, of course) for winning second place today in a Texas Hold'em tournament..he won $2,300.00!!! What a man! hehe...I'm so proud of him!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My Trip to Italia!

Pope John-Paul II tomb
This is where the Pope lives on the top floor..if the shutters are open..he's there!
St. Peters Basilica and St. Peters square at the Vatican
My Nana (Grandma) and I at Ponte Vecchio!!
Outside of the Vatican!
Our Flight to Roma (Rome)

John's Surprise B-day party Last year!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Us at Disneyland..our favorite place!!

HI Everyone...I was looking through pic's that John had on his computer and I found these! They were taken at Disneyland..which is also where John proposed to me (in front of Sleeping Beauty castle which you see in one of the pix) about 3 years ago...heehee...hope you like! Soon I am going to post some of my Italy trip with my nana (Grandma) and mom!

My Italiana Wedding Dress and Veil!

Here is my wedding dress that I have my heart set on!!! Double-Click on the blank box to view my dress!! Hope you all like!!

Angels Game Tonight!!

Tonight I am going to the Angels Game against the Toronto Blue Jays. John and I got the tickets as a mothers day gift to his mom and his sister, Alison. I am soooo excited....especially because Alison's son is going and it'll be his first officially Angels game!!! Let the brainwashing begin...GO ANGELS!! Esp....Chone Figgins #9!!!