Friday, June 23, 2006

My bridal Party is Complete!!

A few days ago I asked the last and final person for my bridal party and she said "YES!" I have the best women in the world as my bridesmaids and I couldn't ask for a better maid-of -honor!
Each one of you are so beautiful, caring, understanding, patient, fun, loving, and commpassionate. I feel honored and lucky to have been blessed with you all in my life.
Maid-Of-Honor: Melissa Leatherwood
Michelle "Shelle" Bingley
Meaghan Pitts
*Jessica Hummel
Alison Juroe
Bridget May
Allison Wilfinger (Maya)
*The woman I asked a few days ago....she is so wonderful and I care about her so much! Thank you for being willing to be a part of this great group of women!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Italy beat Czech Republic (2-0) YAY!

Italy (Group E) is still in first place and for sure gonna go to the semi-finals!! What a strong team they're this year! This morning the game started at 7am (USA PST)..what a game! I hope they continue to win.....Italy is the bestest!
Too bad for USA they are in last place in Group E (same division as Italy). Better luck next year! haaha.

Go Italia!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Catering, etc

Just An update....last night John and I bought our guest sign-in book, our ring-bearers pillow our 2 flower girls baskets and our "save-the-date" cards to mail out early next year. I know we're doing things a little earlier than most...but John and I are hoping that a few months before our wedding everything will be done except finishing touches so we can both just sit-back and enjoy the excitement of our wedding drawing near.

Here is our wedding will note that my side of the wedding party has a spot blank...there is a girl in mind that I am going to ask...I just wanna surprise her. I think she's going to have no idea and kinda be shocked that I want her as my bridesmaid...but she is sooo sweet and even though we're just getting to know eachother, she already knows stuff about me that most people don't....but we do have our past in common. Heeheee I love surprising people...if you are curious who it'll be...I will post another list with her included in a few weeks or be lookin' for it!


Best Man- Josh Juroe Maid of Honor- Melissa Leatherwood
1) Sam May 1) Michelle (Shelle) Bingley
2) Peter Wilson 2) Meaghan Pitts
3) Gregory Lehman 3) Alison Juroe
4) David Braun 4) Bridget May
5) Billy Morgan 5) Allison Maya (Wilfinger)
6) Benjamin Ryan 6) Brie
7) Jonathan Maya 7) WAIT TO FIND OUT....HEEHEE

1) Jacob May (Jake) 1) Jessica Gellman
2) Issac May (Zacky) 2) Amanda May (Manda)


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

You are my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine

Sunshine "Sunnie" Shasta Tart 1994-2004

On Sunday (Father's day, 18th) it will be 2 years since I had to put my dog, Sunshine to "sleep." I still miss her all the time. Most people would think this is crazy but I had her cremated so when I die, she could be buried with me. Her body (cremated) is in my room in a wooden box. This dog stuck right by me through various moves and through various illnesses especially when I became paralyzed from Guilian-Barre Syndrome....she stuck right by me. I will never forget the night before we had to put her to sleep (due to cancer) she stuck her head out of the incubator the vet had her in just to lick (kiss) me on my face...I believe it was a good-bye.
I would always sing this to her, especially when she got sick:
"You're my Sunshine, my only Sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. So, please don't take my Sunshine away"

The cutest, sweetest baby boy in the world!

Here is Christian at his first Angel's baseball game! Christian is my (soon-to-be) sister-in-law, Alison's son. She is such a good mama! And he loves and adores her to death!
I absolutely love this lil' guy! He is the sweetest...and the cutest baby boy in the world..hands down!

Aunt Maria (Ria) loves you Christian!

Go Angels!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I got to go to Disneyland with the sexiest guy!

Ahh...John loves me!
heehee...waiting for fireworks to start
Us taking a picture of ourselves..we're dorks!
Ok...I'm sooooo tired!!!

Yay!!! I get to marry this guy!!! I dunno why I look so white....I'm really olive!

Mamma of Me...and my beautiful madre (mother) and nonna (grandma) in our country, Italia!

Me and my Madre in Ponte Vecchio, Florence..Italy
3-generations of Beauty!
My Nonna and I in Venice, Italy. So romantic!
haaha I accidently posted this pix twice...we're still cute!

Me and my Madre....isn't she beautiful! All the guys thinks she's my sister....we don't correct them..haahaa.

Random Hugs!!

Just Thought these were cute pictures!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our color..Apple!

Double click on box to view picture!

Hi today John and I bought my wedding dress and all the accessories!! I am sooo excited! is a picture of one of the bridesmaids dresses that I like...but also to show everyone John and my wedding!!
John and I were also talking about stuff today and we want part of our theme to be red and white roses!! I absolutely love roses!
We are also starting to think of rehearsal dinner locations and things along those lines! It is very exciting to see it all come together since we've been engaged for 3 years!! It's really a dream come true. I am so lucky that I am not only the man of my dreams but also I am marrying my best friend!

Thursday, June 08, 2006




Well....I went to David's Bridal yesterday and tried on the wedding dress I wanted and I fell in love. I didn't even need to try on anything else...I was like, "This is it!" John and I are going back in on Saturday to pay for two veils, my dress, slip, bra, tiara...EVERYTHING! I am soooo amazed how things are coming together! It is soo exciting! I bought my shoes yesterday which david's bridal will dye Ivory (the color of my wedding dress). I am so happy! I hope you all like!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Weekend

This past weekend was really nice! On Saturday John and I first went down to Laguna Beach for lunch (Johnny Rockets) was sooo yummy and the atmosphere is so fun down there! I love being down in south county especially because when I moved here from VA I lived in south county. I really miss it down there. After our lunch we went ring shopping and we ended up buying John's wedding ring! It's white gold...and I think it's pretty! John seemed to really like it as well. It fit him perfectly! Guess it is meant-to-be..haaha..I already knew that! After we got his ring we went to the Anaheim In-door swapmeet. Not really my cup of tea....i like the Orange County swapmeet more...which reminds me the fair is almost here! YAY! I slept over his house and most of the time watched him play poker....he's sooo good!!
On Sunday, I took some of my girls and my mom and we went wedding dress shopping. It was a little hectic and crazy and very time consuming. I didn't even get to try on a dress but we all had tons of fun and we all ate at chili's which is always super good! I do have an appointment on Wed (the 7th) at 4:30pm (David's Bridal) to try on dresses with my very own consultant...I already feel like a star! heehee. I am very, very excited! Some of my girls, Melly, Shelle, Meggers, hopefully Brie, my mom, maybe John's mom and my little sister are gonna go with me to take pictures and basically be my critics! haaha...I better get a two thumbs way up! j/k.
John bought us a wedding planner CD-rom that is so incredible. You can do anything on it! It's really helped my stress level! haahaa.
All-in-all Johnny and I are doing good just busy...but I guess that is to be expected in the lives of a bride and groom -to-be! heehee SOOOOO EXCITED!