Monday, March 17, 2008


Our garage sale went soo good, we made $600.00 not including more money we made posting stuff on craigslist. Thank God, this will pay for our washer/dryer that we need and hopefully a new mattress (which is LONG overdue).
We have a busy, busy 2 months ahead of us...
My wonderful mom's birthday is on Thursday, we're driving to Corona to have dinner with her! She's leaving for Spain on Saturday with my Grandma...lucky ducks. At least I got to go to Italy with them..which is where our familia is from.
My sister's birthday is also coming up...April 1st...her party is on the 5th. I cannot believe she will be 9 years old. Time sure flies.
April 11, 12, and 13..I will be in Vegas for my sister's cheer national competition!!! woo hoo!! I'm so excited to see her compete in the same Nationals that my team won 2nd on day and 1st the other day.
While I am in Vegas, John and his brothers will be moving our stuff into our new apartment. Our move-in date is April 12.....John is so sweet to be willing to move everything! I'm so lucky.
The next weekend after our move, is Lazareth Saturday..where our Niece and Nephew will be baptized...and we're the soon-to-be Godparents. We're incrediably blessed! :) There crosses we bought them are on their way!!
The weekend after that is PASCHA!!! Which is our Easter (Orthodox). We're so excited!!! It's seriously the best service ever.
Cannot wait for all our special is good!

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