Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas dinner and more...

Last friday, John and I went to his works chrismas party at Bobby McGee's in Brea, CA....it was a lot of fun and pretty good food. I had a lot of fun getting to know the people he works with every day. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming!

Saturday, my close friend Dania (from work) and I passed out presents to the less fortunate. What a wonderful opportunity! Everytime I do volunteer work, I am more and more opened to why God put me on this earth and how I can spread His love to another. Nothing is better than giving to others.

Saturday afternoon, John and I drove to Corona to go to my mom's house for the annual "Friends/Family Christmas Dinner!" What a blast that was!!! GREAT FOOD, AND WONDERFUL COMPANY!

John and I are just having sooo much fun in the weeks leading up to christmas, our very first christmas married!!! ahh, God is good! We're so blessed!

Hope everyone has a very, merry Christmas!!!


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